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You said you loved me  You did not.
This time this life the illusions .. shot
The pain wide open for all to see. Everyone sees
 But mostly not me
How did I stay in such complete withdrawal
denial of pain so obviously open
How did I live like that starving for affection attention
without the words strategies coping
Gaining so much weight and hiding my heart more
Begging for someone to just try to open the door.
To peek and ask are you ok
stand with strength looking me in the eyes
when I say.. no not today
To listen to me without telling me to shut up to dumb it down or to make the words shorter
To get to the point you don’t care  to talk to me
talk and then maybe you would have found out
But sit on things till all we do is scream and shout
So alone in this wasteland of a life 
Beaten broken and sharded  is this version of wife

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