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Time has healed so much that was broken
Pain that was once hidden  and love for me awoken
Perspective allows allowances to happen
Allowing what is and letting go of the need to map it
Super and overanalysing much
Keeps me confused  dizzy and out of touch
Who I am changes with every passing thought
Who you are is who I am not
Freedom and bondage are one in the same
Throw in the towel and win the game
Im looking back now and I like what I see
Im becoming who I am supposed to be
Someone told me “ there is love in your eyes”
How much power is there in goodbye
How much freedom and love and devotion
Letting go now  and allow the emotion
Accept it for what it is and feel safe in the tears
Forgive yourself now and let go of the fear
I ask you to be faithful to me, to open your eyes and finally see
You in me, me in you.  Its all meant to be
My experience of you and your experience of me
Time and space and love and difference
Torn open by pain and multiplied by distance
There is so much power in just letting go
Yet there is no one  around for me to show
To validate and ponder  questions,  answered by silence
To let go and embrace the perfection of allowance

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