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Sometimes there is a blank page in my mind and in my heart there is a stage
Waiting for someone to step on and fill the void
Waiting for god to right the wrongs to start the chords and sing the songs
Perhaps the day will never be when fulfilled I will be
Perhaps they will remain unsung , uncorked and turned down
Perhaps there is never going to me a time when justice lives for me
Time is supposed to heal all when the day comes and the battles won
Victory it seems has come its empty though still feels undone
Understanding comes at a price but now  there never was a fight
A life of battles he seems to live and mine it was with him short gived
Come back to what to nothing.. to that.. to it… to empty.. to be and then what?
Live a lie and  die alive, not living. breathing hell and living dead
So emptiness is the prize and loss and pain the trphy
The holes that remain reach down to a soul forgot devoid of life it lived once need to be revived
The battle won the court date comes the judge gives her stay 2 years in play
She saw the truth, she felt the lies  the love unrequited  fairness required
In the law there is no account for the train wreck you created in your life
 for the waste of breath , unwarranted worries and horrible memories
how can the law make up for that ? how can money make it just…  nope  not….
So Now…
It beats again it always has but I didn’t hear it there the light so faint so quiet not tainted small but its there   fill with love for slef  it can be treated my firend
reach out reach out and see that the prize won was me. Battered and bruised afraid but not dead broken yes damaged yes but somehow still perfect
Its perception my dear you cant hide from who you
You are that star? Dad said that once… angel he called me
 the others  be strangers across the world can see and validate they think your real.
They can reach in and they can feel the beauty that is you
So why don’t you see it too?

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